Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Andrew Taylor wrote about Jung Sung Sanabout, the Koren playwright/director.

Some investors pulled out of the project, and a theater where the musical was to be staged canceled at the last minute. To finance the play, Jung says, he even had to offer his left kidney as collateral for a 20 million won ($20,600) black-market loan -- an illegal and highly unusual action. He says he will have to give up the organ if he can't pay up by next month . . .
Just a little perspective for all of us who complain about our grant requirements and our lack of resources.

The nice part of me wants to go write a check to Mr Sanabout so he can keep his kidney.
The more cynical part of me is very dissapointed that a kidney is only worth $20,000. (And I wonder if insurance would cover any complications resulting from the removal of a black-market kidney)