Thursday, March 16, 2006


I'm cleaning again (still?) and came across some paperwork from YA.
Those of you with really good memories may recall that I used to work for YA, but then Jo quit, things got ugly, the staff restructured, and I got laid off.

Part of the ugly-ness was a certain person going on an all out ego trip. She came from a business background and did not fit well into the friendly, happy world of non-profits. (Coincidently, the board president also did not fit well in the happy, friendly, world and so this certain person was granted power and authority to match her ego - which was bad!

Ego Woman started making up polices and things (which closed with phrases like "failure to comply will result in disciplinary action upto and including termination."

She didn't like that I used dots instead of dashes for phone numbers, and created a policy against dots. She didn't like our office password system, so she created new rules requiring seven passwords to log on to our computers. She didn't like anything, and created rules against that too!

So, after finding this old YA policy book and re-reading that part of my life (specifically the insnae password policy) I decided to test the webmaster password.

Guess what!! They have not changed it!

(You'd think mean corporate folk would know better than to leave the webmaster password unchanged after laying off the person that updated the website.

(I'm very tempted to go in and make subtle changes - partly to avenge the crap they put me through. But mostly, I just want to be able to pretend that I'm a hacker!)