Thursday, March 02, 2006

LENTEN THOUGHTS (non-profound)

1. You can always pick out the heathen durring Lent.
Yes, I'm the one that notices there are no snacks at a meeting, and pulls out cookies to share with the group. Yes, they are Girl Scout Cookies. And yes, I encourage everyone to have some (offering 4-5 times) and happily partake of the chocolately, minty, yummy-ness.
I forget that some folks can't have chocolate and snacks right now. (Sorry people - I thought I was being polite, not cruel!)

2. My Birthday generally falls durring Lent. And it sucks that people can't share in my birthday cake, ice cream, and fun because they've given up birthday cake, ice cream, and fun. (It would suck even more if I observed Lent and had to skip my own birthday cake!)