Thursday, March 23, 2006


I got a hand addressed card in the mail yesterday.
Inside it said, "Juile, someone recomended you as a person who'd be great at [volunteer position]. I'd love to chat with you about [volunteer position]. Are you be avaliable to come to a [volunteer position] dinner/meeting next month?

A personalized, handwritten card that opens with flattery and closes ith the promise of food . . . it's difficult to say "no" to something like that!

I wonder who is talking about me.
I wonder why they think I'd be great at [volunteer position].
I wonder if I really could be great at it.
I wonder if they just say that to everyone.
I wonder how much of a time comittment it would be.

And I dream of fame and forture as a [volunteer position].
(Never mind that fame and fortune is anti-thetical to volunteering - let me have my little dream!)

Five years ago I would not have considered this at all.
I would have said to myself "They're not looking for people like me. It's probably just some kind of pyrmid scheme to get volunteers. They don't even know me. And I'm too busy anyway."

But, I'm gonna persue this opportunity/dinner/self-esteem-boost/clever-marketing-ploy.
I don't know if that's progress or regress.