Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Today’s my last day of telling the truth.
Tomorrow I’ll be old enough to lie about my age!!!
(Alas, I suspect that if I told the truth - no one would believe me).

True Story –
Last month VE had an educational event at a local high school, with special guests, a school assembly – the whole shebang.
As a member of the education staff, I attended the event to coordinate, direct, and such.
I made a point to dress professionally – wearing my VE nametag so folks would know I was one of the people in charge.
(I like being in charge!)

I was in the hallway with a student ambassador greeting the special guests, answering questions about bathroom locations and such. Then, the school secretary came over and handed us both passes for first period. She thought I was a high school student!!! (now I know I’m supposed to be flattered – but ‘ya know . . . I’m twice as old as that student!)

* * * *

This is your one day warning -
Start thinking of marvelous birthday comments, tribute posts, and snide old person jokes.
Tomorrow’s the big day!