Sunday, March 12, 2006


1. Complications to my Friday Morning (Sleep-Late-and-Loaf-Around-the-House) Plan
My contractions are three minutse apart.
And there is some spotting
Andy is at work.
I'm scared.
Can you drive me to the hospital?

2. Car seat complications
There's no one to watch the kid.
He has to come with us,
but his car seat is in Andy's car.
No choice but to buckle him in and go carseat-less

3. Complications via temptertantrum
If you were a 4 year old that was just woken up,
And you could see that Mommy and Aunt Julie were focused on getting to the hospital -
You'd push it too.
This is the time to unbuckle the seatbelt and launch a massive fit.
Go all out - throw matchbox cars at Julie's head,
take advantage of the carseat-less-ness and unbuckle the seatbelt,
jump around the back seat,
hit, yell, scarem.
Take the focus off Mommy and see what you can get away with.
You'll never have an opportunity like this again!

4. Comlications with the "I will never spank another person's child" philosophy
'Nuff said.

5. Complications regarding the pregnancy
It's too early - way too early.

6. Complications regarding the drugs
First round doesn't stop the contractions
Second round results in a dangerously low blood pressure

This is what families do -
They lean on each other and navigate complications
We are good at this -
Too much experience

The Kid stayed with me for most of the weekend.
We bought a speical "adventure" sleeping bag for the Aunt Julie slumber party
(plus an extra emergency carseat).

They released her late Saturday -
Strict bedrest
The Baby needs four(preferably six) more weeks

This is what families do.