Saturday, February 25, 2006

Say whatever you like about Velveta Cheese.
(I don't like it either)
But the fact remains - Velveta Cheese BOXES are an incredible invention.

Velveta Cheese boxes make great pencil boxes (and if you're a teacher - they fit nicely on the chalk board railing!)
They're also good for holding receipts, buttons, change for tolls, chalk, violin strings, and dollar bills (they're the perfect size for dollar bills!)

The Dollar Bill Holding Capacity (plus a calculator, and The Kids Book of Questions) came in handy today at the Girl Scout Cookie Booth. In terms of sales/customers it was rather slow, so we spent lots of time playing with the Book of Questions and talking about life.

7 year olds are really good at deep, meaningful, conversations about life.
If you haven't chatted with one recently, I highly recomend it.