Saturday, February 11, 2006


All I know is that what I tried on didn't fit.
I tried to make it fit, and twisted myself into believing that it could fit.

I lied to myself
"Look," I said, "the pockets fit perfectly! If the pockets fit there's no reason you can't fit into the rest of it. Pockets are the most important part."

But, pockets are just pockets.
The overall fit, doesn't fit

Which is sad - 'cause I could finally be cool - if I could just fit.
But it will never ever work
I don't fit.

* * *

I met some new folks last night
I expected the fit to be horrible - but it was . . . almost fun. It looked like it would fit, but I tried that one on a long time ago and KNOW the pockets don't work. And we all know that pockets are important.

I don't think I could ever go back to back pockets
The thought of it makes me shiver (and keeps me from trying anything on).
I like/want/need/deserve perfect pockets
But maybe we could be friends - or even just talk again.
I might like that.
Not to try and fit - just to be friendly.

But it's complicated.
And I'm not even sure what all of this means.
But it's time to give up on the other one.
Cut the cord - walk away - leave it alone.

I'll never fit
And I'm struggling to accept that

If I find, If I find my own way How much will I find?

Complications don't fit well either
I'd like a way around them (and have suggestions if you'd like me to write a script!)

I'd explain this cryptic crypticness - but if you don't get it - than this post isn't for you.
Even if I were to explain it - you'd never get it.