Tuesday, February 21, 2006

(in three easy steps)

Step 1 – grab stuff out of the front/back seats

Step 2 – toss this stuff in the trunk

Repeat as often as necessary until all the “stuff” is off the seats/floor and in the trunk and not visible.

Step 3 – Take you car in for service at one of the shops that vacuums the carpets.

Viola’ a clean car!

* * *

Alas, once in a while, (like on Girl Scout cookie delivery day) one might find that one needs a clean/empty trunk as well as a clean car. on such an occasion, one must venture into the trunk of the car, and actually CLEAN out the stuff.

It's can be a rather interesting process
This morning I found three pairs of clean socks, a rain coat, two hangers, a box of band-aids, umbrella, clip board, my wonderful old pair of hiking boots, and a copy of the curriculum we use at work!

* * *

Yes, I cleaned out my trunk
Step 1 - Grab stuff
Step 2 - Put stuf in spare grocery bags
Step 3 - Bring large garbage bags inside, and leave on bed to sort out later

* * *

My whole car is now squeaky clean (yipee!)
And, with a clean car, I was able to fit 15 cases of Girl Scout cookies in the trunk (horray!)

Alas, there are several bags of stuff on my bed
And I want to go to sleep.