Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Sometimes you get a feeling, and that feeling tells you what you should do. (Example: You feel thirsty, so you drink).

But other times, a feeling is something you should not do. (Example: A mosquito bite feels itchy, but you shouldn't scratch).

I've been feeling blah
Physicaly, emotionally, mentally,

When feeling "blah" my tendency is to pull away and withdraw.
But I don't know if that is the "good" sort of (being thirsty) feeling that I should follow or the "bad" sort of (mosquito bite) feeling that I should fight.

Being a hermit doesn't exactly help (but maybe the rest of the world appriciates not having to deal with me).

Alas, none of that matters . . . I’m suddenly in a good mood tonight
(And, coming after the melancholy blah-ness of the past two weeks, this good mood is even nicer than usual!)

They're predicting snow tomorrow
Teachers know that kids get just a little bit hyper just before a heavy snow.
Something about the barometric pressure change.
As much as I dislike the trauma of snow, I'm happy that this snow has improved my mood.

I have a new snow theory,
But I'm already babbling
And need to go to bed
Good Night Snow People!