Sunday, January 08, 2006


The VW family is not exactly bound to the calendar when it comes to holidays. Thanksgiving is easily moved to a Friday; Birthday presents come days/weeks/months after (or before) the party, and Christmas is extended to January 7.

You see, everyone is going three different directions on Christmas Day - in-laws, friends, extended family, etc. Having Christmas after Christmas makes Christmas less stressful/ more enjoyable. (Plus you get extra shoping days!)
And so, yesterday was the VW family Christmas party (yipee!)

Sister dear and her husband bought a house last month, so we decided to trek down/over to Iowa, see their place and, more importantly, GET PRESENTS!

I made out like a bandit, with a Multi-Plier 400-series Gerber Tool (like a Swiss Army Knife, without the yuppie-factor!) the book I wanted, mini-lincoln logs, a calendar, and a fancy french bread pan. (French bread is in the oven right now - yummy yummy!)

After the family bonding/present-opening, I left to go hang out with my Valley Girls over fried food and chocolate Malts! (I was having a malt-deficiency!) T'was a lovely evening with many a giggle about Steph's freakishly long pinky, Ryan's penguins, and my Bill Cosby sweater. (You can read Ryan's account of the evening for a more enlightening perspective!)

'Twas a lovely weekend, and I'm "plum tuckered out"
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!