Thursday, January 12, 2006

AL Daily linked to an interesting article about Ben Franklin and Lighting Rods. You really ought to skip my post for today, read the real article, and learn something that will impress other people at fancy cocktail parties.

When Dear 'ole Dad was a young young child, he decided to "build" a lighting rod. He went into Papa VW's garage, collected all of the screwdrivers, and hammered them into the yard, one on top of the other.

When Papa VW came home from work, Dear 'ole Dad proudly showed him his "lighting rod," which made Papa VW understandly angry.

Papa VW was able to dig out the top screwdriver - but the rest remained hammered deep into the ground.

I wonder what archeologist will think hundreds of years from now when they uncover Dear 'ole Dad's screwdriver-lightening rod.