Sunday, December 18, 2005


There is something horribly manipulative in [the] idea . . .of a supposed children's adventure film that also serves as a Bible study aid; Old Narnia fans, too, are inclined to reconsider a book that Governor Jeb Bush has decreed must be read by every child in Florida. It was not for this that we bashed around inside our parents' wardrobes, hoping that we too would find that the back panels gave way to Narnia - that, somewhere, we could fight and win battles against ogres, hags and the White Witch.
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Just to be clear . . .
1. There's nothing wrong with folks finding similarities between Christianity and a story.

2. LWW is an awesome book (as are the rest of the Narnia Chronicles, with the exception of The Last Battle which is just messed up!)

3. I do have a problem with people who say, "Listen to me and I'll tell you what this story means." (C.S. Lewis would never approve).