Monday, December 05, 2005


1. The moon is absolutely beautiful tonight. If you read this in time - go outside and look!

2. I'm really crabby (but not so crabby that I don't realize I'm crabby - but crabby enough that everyone is bugging me).

3. Girl Scouts was awesome tonight (and my co-leader was AWOL, coinscidence? I think not!)

4. Concert crazy-ness abounds. I worked a concert on Saturday, and another one on Sunday, and there will be two more this weekend PLUS a mid-week concert on Thursday (not to mention the concert that happened Thanksgiving weekend). I'm a little tired of working concerts! (which might explain the little bit of crabby-ness).

5. It's cold outisde (not complaining, cold is preferable to snow!)

6. Interesting posts are coming - - someday - - I promise!