Thursday, December 15, 2005

1. Buy new dress shoes. The ones you have from almost 10 years ago are wore out, painful, bad for you, and need to be replaced. You can not hang on for one more year (indeed, you’ve been saying that for the last three years). It is time to cough up the money (and time) to find nice comfortable quality dress shoes. DO IT TODAY!

2. Stop stressing over you-know-what. Yes it is a crummy situation, but getting an ulcer and not sleeping so you can stew about it will not help. You’ve hung on for a year and fought hard. Relax and let things shake out. Seriously. I mean it.

3. Do not eat that giant yummy looking doughnut in the staff room. Granted it is from the Franklin Street Bakery, making it much more wholesome than most other doghnuts, but you don’t need it. Have a cup of tea, or an apple instead.

4. Tea would taste lovely with this doughnut!

5. People do like you. Even if you feel tired, crabby, and a little blah from eating that giant doughnut. (Silly girl, I told you not to eat it)