Monday, December 26, 2005


I might write more on this stuff later, but here's the quick-and-easy summary!

+ Sunday Christmas equals an extra travel day!
- Sunday Christmas means no excuse for missing church
- Family church day means biting one's tounge (constantly!)

+ Spending Christmas visiting and eating
- Having to wait until January for presents
+ Hanging out with old people, babies, and everything in between

- Banket made by D.P. (yuck!)
+ Jr.'s Hot dogs (yummy!)

+ Crack-baby foster cousin is cute, and cuddly
- Crack-baby foster cousin's brain is too mesed up to laugh, play, or smile.

+ Winning at rock, paper, scissors (and thus, being able to sleep in a bed!)
- Loaning my sleeping bag to a bed wetter

+ Playing spoons with my cousins (subsituting knives for spoons!)
+ Being spoiled by my grandmother
+ Talking, eating, cooking, and being with my grandmother
- Leaving my Grandmother (I hate saying goodbye).