Tuesday, December 27, 2005


It's time to write about Diane
Diane got a breif mention back here
And is one of the most amazing people in the universe

Diane was my 5th grade Sunday School teacher.
That was the year they split girls/boys
(Which was a really good thing).
Diane introduced me to Japneese culture, Sushi, homemade doughnuts, and Giodanos pizza.
Being an all girls class, we could do things like sleepovers, and window shoping trips in downtown Chicago.
Diane talked to the homeless people
And honestly talked with us about homlessness/being drunk.
(Other adults thought these topics were not appropriate topics for 5th graders).
Diane was also one of the few Sunday School teachers that allowed questions about anything. (In fact, she answered questions even before I could ask them).

Diane was the first adult to admit that she got C's in school
(That blew my mind - I thought that someone as smart, pretty, fun, and wonderful as Diane MUST have been extremely popular and with fabulous grades!)
You have no idea how warm and fuzzy I felt knowing that Diane was an overweight, C student, who had to sit by herself at lunch.

Diane lives a constant adventure
When I was in 6th grade, she went to Japan to teach English
She came back for a while, and now teaches in Africa
For a while, Diane dated this guy I hated,
But then they broke up (and I was happy - maybe that's mean of me - but Diane is way too cool to get married!)

5th grade was one of the more difficult years of my life.
Diane knew exactly what not to say.

In 6th grade, the powers that be decided to return to co-ed Sunday School classes.
And Mr. Ted took over the class.
[grumble grumble]
Halfway through 6th grade, Diane moved to Japan.
But when she came home to visit, she ALWAYS came over for Giodanos pizza.

Diane finished her Masters degree the same year I finished my Bachelors.
We were given cutsey little "congratulation" books by our home church - but the guy handing them out got mixed up and gave me the book with the inscription to Diane.
The book is third rate garbage
But I'll never get rid of it, because I like having her book.
And, I'm honored to think someone could ever get me mixed up with Diane.