Saturday, November 12, 2005


Some of the smarest people in the world read this blog (And I'm not just saying that so you'll help me!)

What are some good games to play with my Grandmother?

She can't see well, so I need games that don't involve a lot small-ness or reading. (Trivial pursuit, Jenga, Gin, Risk, and Pictionary are too difficult to play low vision)

I'm looking for games that can be played with a group of at least 4 (5-6 players is preferable).

We've been playing UNO; which is perfect!
We can have lots of players, and the numbers/colors are big enough for her to see her own cards. The center pile is difficult to see, but we all announce what card we put down, and she does just fine!

We've adapted Outburst and Catch Phrase, but she doesn't like having a reader/helper. It's much better if she can play as a full participant

And we're tired of UNO
If, dearly beloved brilliant reader, you know of a good game or two, drop me a comment. (And if you are an entrepreneur, please invent/invest in more family games that are low-vision-friendly).