Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Our Girl Scout group (we're no longer a "troop" because the girls decided to be a "group" - they came up with this completely on their own, and I really like it!)

Anyway, out Girl Scout Group meets in the community center, which also houses the local food bank.
And farmer donated a lotta squash to this food bank
The people served by the food bank, however, are not interested in squash
I don't understand how people can not like squash
"Squash" is a funny name
And it looks like a plastic Thanksgiving decoration
(But whose fault is that??) Besides, when you cut it open, squash is so orange
and pretty
and it smells nice!

So the other day, I was arriving to the community center/food bank just as the director was leaving. We exchanged hellos and, out of the blue, she asked, "Do you like squash?"

Confused, but loyal to my favorite foods, I said, "I love squash." And she told me that the community center was swimming in squash, and gave me 6 squashes!!

Slightly sureal, but now I have squash
How can you not be happy when you have a thermos full of sweet, orange yumminess for lunch!

Also, it snowed last night
Today is just as cloudy and grey as yesterday but things seem brighter with a layer of snow on the ground!

And I finally used my cast iron snowman muffin pan
So I have snowman corn muffins to accompany my squash on this less-grey day

What can I say??? Life is good!