Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Maybe you've already heard .
Congress is looking to make some cuts to the federal food stamp program

I've read the editorials
And heard the (loud) complaints.
And I don't like the idea of anyone going hungry

But . . .

When I go to the grocery store, I buy stuff like apples, potatoes, oatmeal, flour, milk, and cheese
Quite often, I stand in the checkout line and look at what other people buy
And try to think of ways to trick these strangers into inviting me over for dinner
(because the food they're buying looks so good!
like Golden Grahams (or Fruity Pebbles) orange creamscicles, and fancy Italian Sodas!)
And I dream about the day when I'm rich and can buy the things these rich people buy.
But then, (more times than I can count) this "rich person" pulls out a wad of food stamps.

It bothers me that I buy oatmeal
But my tax dollars buy Golden Grahams

No one should go hungry
But how come the people on food stamps can afford to buy brand name, individually wrapped string cheese while I settle for bulk mozerella?

Granted I'm a cheap-dutchman (believe the stereotype!)
Can't we require that food stamps can only be used to buy economical food. They don't have to be as cheap as me (Plain Oatmeal is an aquired taste for diehard tightwads!) but Corn Flakes, or at least the generic version Golden Grahams, is not an unreasonable requirement.

Call me a Republican, but I'm feeling OK about reducing spending on food stamps.