Monday, November 28, 2005


I'm back from the 2006 Girl Scout Cookie Coordinator meeting
(Please note Cookie COORDINATOR not Cookie "mom" - thank you very much!)

Anyway, the powers that be have decided to eliminate Double Dutch Chocolate Chip in favor of a stupid "Cafe" cookie (which is essentially an oversized, extra-crispy teddy graham)

Why would anyone want to pay $3.50 a box for crunchy teddy grahams?
Why did they have to get rid of my favorite cookie?

Don't misunderstand, I like teddy grahams as much as any one else, but what makes teddy grahams cool is that they're shaped like teddy bears.
These stupid "cafe" cookies are just shaped like circles
How dumb is that?

It's Sad, Sad, Sad day in the Saint Croix Valley.