Friday, November 18, 2005


I really hate it when someone says they are going to [do something]
And then they don't.

It seems that an awful lotta people are thinking about [doing something]
But instead of saying "I'm thinking about [doing something]"
They say "I'm GOING to [do something]"

But then they think some more
And realize that they can't/won't/don't want to [do something]
And they don't do it
(Even thought they said they were going to [do something])

"[Do something]" could be anything
Read a book, become a famous sumo wrestler, cc: me on an email, make dinner, move to Africa, learn to samba, dye my hair blue, whatever . . .

I wish people would say "I'm thinking about [doing something]" when they are still in the thinking phase,instead of saying "I'm going to [do something]"
Because I'm always the fool that believes them
And keeps cheering for them long after they've quit

I know that I frustrate folks by doing the opposite
I don't say anything about [something] until I'm gosh darn sure that [something] is going to happen. (Just ask my colleagues in WDM how long it took for me to tell them about my plans to leave WDM!)

BUT . . . personality preference aside,
I hate not being able to trust people
I hate people talking about ideas as if they were fact
I hate looking stupid for believing them.