Thursday, October 20, 2005


Peer Gynt is over, and I'm completely exhausted
But it's all worth it

Tuesday night I got to watch the Peer Gynt performance while sitting next to someone from the Norwegian government (Ambassdor??) He was abosolutely delightful and we had a good time joking with each other about nationalities!

Wednesday (aka Royal Performance Night) I stayed in the lobby and watched the Royal Entrouage enter and exit. I expected to see a lot more security - body guards at the doors and snipers in the balcony(after all, lottsa heads of state have been assisinated in theaters!) but it was almost informal. (So informal that I forgot to stand when His Royal Highness walked by the first time - oops!)

The performance was excellent! (Reviews here).
We were told that the VE chorus had better Norwegian Diction than Norwegian choirs! (And the whole cast did a marvelous job of telling the story through narration, acting, and music (truly magical!) The death of Ansse was amazing!

Alas, two late nights (plus 12 hour work days) have taken their toll and I'm worn out (in a good way). Once again let me say that I am privilaged and honored to work with VE and be a part of the incredible things they do.
I love my job!