Thursday, October 06, 2005


1. Holes was a rotten book. I expected to like it (because Louis Sachar has written lottsa great stuff). But Holes disapointed me.

2. I work in a building that is *very* multi-purpose. Besides housing the VE offices, it also houses a pre-school, a children's theater company, an art gallery, a church, a food-shelf, various performances, and at least four 12-step programs.

3.Those of you living in Iowa, or suburbia, or places with excellent mass transportation might wonder what is so special about a parking lot. But after you've paid $15 to park every day for a week, you'll know that **FREE PARKING** is a most excellent perk!

4. The building I work in, has a parking lot!!

5. As a kid, I rarely got to see movies in the theater. Dear 'ole Dad took the family to see Tron when it came out in theaters which did not go over well (but afterwards Andy, Dear 'ole Dad, and I ran on the lines in the parking lot and crashed into each other just like the cars in the movie - that was fun!)

4. The summer before 1st grade, my grandmother took me to see the movie Annie in the theater! And later that summer my mom and I found the soundtrack at KMart. I loved that movie and wore my tape player out listening to the music. (Except for the second to last song on Side A, Little Girls, which my mom didn't want me to listen to because it involved drinking. So I always fast forwarded through that song).

5. Last year the theater company that lives in the same building as VE did several performances Annie (it was fun to go downstairs and listen to the kids singing some of my favorite songs from so long ago!!)

6. Right now, the kids theater compnay is presenting . . . Holes. (see point 1. ugh). The book may be awful, but today i walked past the theater, and the set is AMAZING!