Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks died

VE has many education programs, but the one I spend most of my time on is called WITNESS, which focuses on the contributions African Americans have made, and are making to the arts.

Last year we focused on Gordon Parks; this year's theme is Sojourner Truth, and there has been talk about making Rosa the theme for next year. And because VE doesn't do anything small ("Hey! Let's invite the Crown Prince to come to a concert!") I was hoping that Rosa would come and I'd get to me her or something.
Or not.

One of the people that works with me on WITNESS was a family friend to Rosa Parks.
He says that "Ms. Parks" used to visit his mother for afternoon tea - except they skipped the tea and went straight to the more intoxicating beverages! (Larry tells the story better than me - but it is a good story!)
The End