Monday, October 24, 2005

A million skillion years ago (February/March-ish??)
(when I was in the thick of thesis writing hell)
I got this idea in my brain that I should do NaNoWriMo

My thought process was, "By the time November comes around, I'll be done with this thesis thing, I'll have TONS of time to play and write and read and by golly I can write a novel too!"

So . . . there were many times I should have been working on the thesis when I was actually thinking about my novel.
Because novel writing is more fun than thesis writing.
And I told dear Miss Steph about it and somehow we decided that we were both going to do it. (What was I thinking????)

And then I somehow managed to finish the darn paper
And promptly forgot about NaNoWriMo (until the reminder email came a few weeks ago).

I don't have any solid ideas
I don't even have any weak ideas
Unless I write a John Cage-Style-Novel, there isn't a novel to be written

Defective Yeti almost came to my rescue with WriAShorStorWe (which is Write A Short Story Week). But I don't have any ideas for a short story either. (Ugh!)

The really horrible part in all of this is that Steph is seven times more busy than me, and she wants to do it. Steph is a trooper and I am a whimp! (But maybe she'll fall for the WriAShorStorWe and we'll both be off the hook - what do you think Steph?)