Sunday, October 02, 2005


It was rather disturbing to discover that my site is the #16 result on yahoo search for quitting girl scout leading. (Thankfully, #16 is on the second page. And I don't show up at all in google. But STILL!)

I decided to explore more, and checked out the #1 result, which was a completely lovely essay from the Reno Gazzette Journal which I enjoyed (in spite of myself!)

* * *

I’ve heard that if you ask God a question before going to sleep, the answer will come to you in a dream. My question was, should I continue leading the Girl Scout troop, or should I quit? Since we dream symbolically, I was disappointed to wake up with no answer that was obvious to me.

That same morning, I picked up the book, “Little Altars Everywhere,” recommended by a friend. The first page started, “I used to be a Girl Scout until my leader quit . . .”

Well! There was the answer to my question. Clearly, God wanted me to continue.

There is only one way of getting out of something you don’t want to do, and that is to move, preferably to another state. So we moved to Reno, where there were no such things as Girl Scouts. OK, so that turned out not to be true. Luckily, though, Kaitlin decided she’d rather take ballet. My only obligation with that activity was to get her to the studio and write the check. I could do that.

“I don’t know why God wanted me to commit to another year of scouting. I never did enjoy it,” I told my sister, recently. She was familiar with the synchronicity I experienced after reading the first page of that book.

“Did it ever occur to you,” she said, “that the line ‘until my girl scout leader quit’ might have been a sign that you should have done that too?”

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