Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm grounding myself from everything that is fun (including the computer) until this place I call home is cleaned up a bit

Despite a heritage of extreme cleansliness, I have very low stanards of housekeeping. Alas things have degrated to the point where even *I* see the need to clean.

So I'm spending this beautiful morning (my only day off this week) stuck inside doing laundry, doing the piles of dishes that have accumulated by the computer, scrubbing floors, and other not-much-fun tasks.

Why can't this place keep itself clean?

Evening Update - Most people, after taking the drastic measure of grounding themselves, would turn off the computer and start cleaning. Me??? I'm way too stubborn - instead I found seven million other things that "needed" to be done and only cleaned a little teeny tiny bit.

Luckily I had to check my work email - allowing for me to sneak in a little blog time when I wasn't looking (but if I catch myself online, I might get in trouble with me, so I'd better sign off!)

Update 2 - 3 days later it is close enough to done. (Not clean enough for a Grandma visit, but clean enough to allow myself to play on the computer). Horray for clean house!