Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Much is going on, and my creative energy is gone.

I'm going to blame work (because VE has a performance next week, and The Crown Prince of Norway is coming to town just to see it, and having royality at a performance is a lot of work for the VE staff!)

But the sad sorry truth is that Princey Prince's visit has really not affected the day-to-day aspects of my job. (Other than me being really excited about it!)

FYI - if you ever plan to host a royal performance there is a heck of a lotta protocol, security, and formality stuff that you have to go through (Did you know that no one can sit infront of the prince -- so if he deicdes to sit in row 20, the 19 rows of seats infront of him have to be empty! Isn't that cool??? (Cool for the prince, not cool in the sense that we can't sell the 19 rows of seats).

We're presenting Peer Gynt (narrated in English, sung in Norwegian with English supertitles). I'm excited to see as a staged opera (I'm an instrumentalist, not a singer wherefore my Peer Gynt experience is limited to the Orchestral Suites. I wasn't even aware of a choral componet to Peer Gynt until VE announced that they were performing it. Who knew?)

I'll be back soon,
Definately after the Princey Boy festivities are over.

And if you're not doing anything next Wednesday, you should come to Saint Paul and hang out with me, the prince, and 1,800 of our closest opera buddies! (Don't be scared by the word "opera," if you've ever watched a cartoon, you're already very familar with the music. Besides, it'll be FUN!)