Thursday, September 29, 2005


. . . It's just barely cool enough out to wear a favorite wool sweater. (It'll be to warm to wear it this afternoon, but this morning is a little bit chilly!)

. . . There are no meetings and I can wear jeans with the favorite wool sweater!

. . . Tan Dun and Yo-yo Ma are the featured geatrues on The Composers Datebook. (Tan Dun wrote Symphony 1997 which is the most awesome syphomy in the whole wide world!)

. . . The office smells absolutely wonderful because an officemate makes apple cinnamon tea (must get me some of that stuff!)

. . . I actually make myself a lunch AND remember to bring it with me to work (as opposed to leaving it on the kitchen counter and starving all afternoon, and then wondering why I'm cranky!)

. . . There enough stuff to do at work to keep me pleasantly occupied without getting bored (I don't want to work on spreadsheets, so I call artists. I don't want to call artists, so I read curriculum. I'm tired of curriculum so I review evaluation results. Evaluation results are done, so I work on spreadsheets)

. . . The office manager decides to order a new nameplate for my cube! (My name has never ever been spelled right on a work nameplate. Never. Not once. I don't worry too much about it because people always spell my name wrong, and it makes it easier to hide from government spies. BUT the VE office manager decided I needed my name spelled correctly and ordered a new one!) I feel so loved!

Yes, it's the little things.
It's going to be a great day!