Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I'm sure some of you are way too dignified to do a happy dance with me - but you can point and laugh while I make a dancing fool out of myself!

Alas, the comments left in the last week are now gone - so everyone that commented on the temporary system will get a special mention from this happy dancing fool!

Kim - thanks for the comment on this post. It is truly wonderful to love a job (and to be excited about going to work in the morning!) I hope you are able to find that place sometime soon!

Lara - thanks for suggesting Typepad when I was lamenting the loss of reblogger. I looked at it briefly, but don't think I'm ready for the big scarey world of actually paying to have a blog - but you are not the first person to suggest typepad - - so maybe someday I'll graduate to a "grown-up" site!

Paul - Yes, I did know a Paul Alkema Jr. - He was my grandfather! I've written about him several times on this site -- 5/31/04; 12/9/03; 1/29/05; 7/9/05.
Are you also a Paul Alkema Jr.?