Thursday, September 22, 2005

I read somewhere (Maybe it was The Founding Brothers?) that Thomas Jefferson thought each generation should erase all the laws and start over again.

Not a bad idea

It would get rid of some of those silly laws that are always featured on silly radio shows.

But more than that - I'm thinking it'd just be good to start over. My governments (city, state, federal) are failing me. (and it's probably our own fault!)

The school board of my little town has decided to sue the city council because of disagreements over the location of the new high school building. The school board will spend at least $10,000 tax payer dollars to file/process the suit (and the city council will spend tax dollars to defend themselves against the suit).
Yeah. The folks that represent me are sueing the folks that represent me.
It's like arguing with myself! Only more expensive!
Messed up.
Local Governments - You Have Failed Me

As for the State of Minnesota - July's government shut down says it all
(And don't get me started on snow plows!) AAAAGGGGHHHHH

Nationally . . . the federal government is actually doing pretty good -comparatively! I know there has been a lot of complaints about Katrina - it's not a popular opinion, but I think the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisana dropped the ball (and continue to do so) and need to shoulder more of the responsibility (rather than blaming FEMA).

I'm feeling very disgruntled at the moment.
Why aren't the Texas evacuations working? (Why haven't they opened up both sides of the highway? Why aren't they using more mass transportation? Why can't the people in charge get it together and make things happen? Does no one have authority to change things? When will someone realize that there is a problem and TAKE the authority to change things?

From my comfortable home -- miles away from everything. It seems like people are scared to take charge and be leaders. Yes people want to win elections. People want the "boss" title but there is a huge difrerence betweem boss and leader.


And s long as I'm ranting and raving . . .
There use to be a time when standing up for your convictions involved standing up for something. Think Christians being fed to the lions. Think civil rights leaders being beaten to death. Think prision, or constant harassment and ridicule.
This whole Pharmacist/Birth Control Thing makes me very angry.

Instead of standing up for beliefs - whatever the consequences - they're standing up for their beliefs and demanding legal protection from the result. IT MAKES ME ANGRY!!!

Look - if you think something about your job is wrong - Fine
Get fired
Go on a hunger strike
Get arrested
Make a bumper sticker

But all of this whimpering about "following my conscience without consequences" talk is insance!

Following your conscience always has consequences.
Grow a spine. Get a new job.

geez people . . .

OK I'm done - - except that will take great joy in voiting a lot of politicians out of office next election. And if there's a referendum to erase all the laws and start over again - I'm voting for that too!