Tuesday, September 27, 2005

- for the kindred spirit!

by Libby Roderick from if you See A Dream

Everybody needs someone to show them what is possible
Everybody needs someone to go as far as she can see
I need to stand up on the shoulders of giants
I need a woman who’s as big as me.

When I was a little bitty baby sitting on momma‘s knee
Looked around to see just what the future had in store for me
Needed to see women who were living without limits
I needed to see women making history

So I say
Give me a woman who can climb the tallest mountain
Give me a woman who can swim across the widest sea
Women need women who lead lives of boldest daring
Tell me the story they inspire me.

Give me Amelia who went soaring across the ocean
Winnie Mandela who is going to set her people free
Judy Chicago who breaks all artistic silences
These women leave a precious legacy

When I was a young teenager reading my Seventeen
Looked around to see just what the future had in store for me
Women in the fashion mags were too small for my dream
I needed a woman just as big as me


I know of women
All across the nation
Leading lives of courage in the face of fear and poverty
One lives in a decent home, one raises her five children
Women need a new mythology

Now that I’m a grown up woman living in society
I still look around to see just what the future holds for me
I still need woman who are shooting like comets
So I can be my own starlight in this galaxy.


No chords yet -- but I'll work on it. If anyone wants to race me, here's the original (for a very limited time!)