Friday, September 30, 2005


Hello distingusihed biographer from the future.
(At least I hope you're distinguished. I'd much rather have a respected scholarly-type biographer than a rich and famous one that is all fluffy nothing-ness).

I am honored that you have decided to write about me and are reading through my blog to get more information on my pre-famous years. (Primary research is so much fun! )

As you start organizing material, and working on the outline for this best selling book you're about to write (about me me me!) I thought you might like to know that I'm starting a new era of my life right about now.

I know this because my favorite candy bar has changed.
Stop laughing - this is the kind of deep historical insight that is going to really boost your career, I'm helping you out here!

You see, in college I was very a 3 Muskateers kind of candy bar person. When I was teaching, Snickers was the chocolate of choice. Twix was my grad school candy bar, and right now I'm entering the Milky Way phase.

Fell free to expound upon this in the book. Maybe you could title each chapter after a candy bar and get some sort of product endorement money from the candy industry !

Milky Way is so good - - chocolate and carmey that instantly mushes together into a lovely goopy glop inside your mouth. Yummy! I don't yet know what the rest of this ear is going to bring (because it's just started). But I sense good things ahead in the Milky Way years. (Maybe this is the phase when I get famous??!!!)

Twix was a medium-difficult era. I think that lots of my growing-up-ness happened in the Twix years. I also learned a lot about true collaboration (which, in a symbolic way, matches up with Twix philosophy of having 2 candy bars in a package - it makes it much easier to share with your partner. And we all know that sharing chocolate is they way to really build a team!)

Snickers was the official candy bar of the West Des Moines Community School Orchestra program. (And not the little "fun sized" Snickers bars - we only had the normal, regular sized bars!) A certain Mr. B tried once to make mini M&M's the official candy - but everyone knows if you give mini m&m's to 5th and 6th graders, you're going to have lots of stepped on mini m&m's to clean up when they leave. (What a mess!)

3 Muskateers is probably an immoral part of my life. You see, the vender machine in the basement of my dorm was a little bit broken; If one pushed the 3 Muskateers button twice, you got two Muskateers bars for the prince of one (I learned this quite by accident, but used it to my advantage everytime I needed a chocolate fix!)