Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Yeah . . . so last night's Girl Scout meeting did not go well.
My co-leader is threatening to quit
And if she leaves, I'm all alone with two troops

GSUSA Rule # 748 - There must be two registered adults for every troop

We've been double dipping on the two adults rule. Jennifer takes the older girls and has a meeting on the south side of the room, while I simotaneously run a brownie meeting on the north side of the room - Viola! Two adults and two troops!

But one adult = no troops.

Jennifer is not the first - - this troop has gone through something like 13 volunteers in the last 15 months. (Jennifer lasted 5 months - so she done did better than most!)

I can so deal with the lack of money (it lends itself to creativity) and will happily work with "underserved" girls. I love having an excuse to be a little bit weird and break out of the GS stereotype. This is a great group of kids who just crave positive adult attention. But the grown-ups of the world are failing them!

Anger . . . no this is way beyond anger
I need a stronger nastier word - something that includes sadness and disappointment.
I need a word that would make a difference and fix the problems.

Anger won't do it.