Monday, August 15, 2005

There aren't a lot of Arts Advocate type folk living in my zip code (In fact, my congressman is one of the fellas that always votes to eliminate the NEA and PBS, and his constitutency doesn't seem to mind at all).

As a result, when one attends an Minnesota Citizens for the Arts "chat-with-your-representatives events, one is likely to see the same handful of people that were at the last MCA "chat-with-your-representative" meeting - - because there aren't a lot of art advocate folks hanging out in yuppie suburbia.

Anyway . . . I'm reading through my local paper yesterday, and came across an article about this local fella named Shawn who was on some WB reality show where geeky guys and beautiful girls try to kill each other (or something like that). The picture in the paper looked like one of the Arts Advocacy people in my district, but I'm not sure.

The fella I'm thinking of (let's call him ArtsAdvocacyGuy) was in law school (and this Shawn-fella finished law school).

And ArtsAdvocacyGuy was a bit of a geek (He uses poly-syllabic words when talking to representatives - which likely exceeds WB's Standard of Geekiness).
But ArtsAdvocacyGuy doesn't seem like the type to go be on a reality show (And I don't know when they did the taping, but spring seems likely, and ArtsAdvocacyGuy was in town last April because I saw him at a MCA Advocacy Event).

But I don't know.
Maybe there are two geeky almost-lawyers living in my anti-arts district.
I wish I could remember ArtsAdvocacyGuy's name - but I can't.
And I wish Shawn would mention something artsy on his site- just so we'd know.
And I wish I had something more interesting to say - but I don't.

And that's all I've got.
But maybe tomorrow I'll write something more interesting.
So come back then.