Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It’s not often that ‘ya see the heathens taking the same side as the folks in christendom – but everyone everywhere (atheists to pastors) are thinking that assisination is bad. Thank you Pat Roberston for bringing the world together. (Let’s all hold hands and sing a non-sectarian version of Kumbaya)

In case you haven't heard. Pat Robertson (a fundy-boy who talks too loudly and is associated with the religious right) said that the U.S. oughta kill the President of Venezuela because he's going to become a terrorist.

My Thoughts (in no particular order)

1. Mom’s advice about bees comes to mind, “Don’t bother it. Ignore it and it’ll go away.” It seems that if people stopped listening to Roberts, that he'd eventually stop talking. It’s rather odd that folks who aren’t fundies, anti-fundimentalists, or 700 Club viewers care what some old washed up preacher thinks. The only reason that anyone’s talking about it (myself included) is because everyone else is talking about it. If we'd all shut up and ignore him, he'd no longer have an audience!

2. On the other hand to paraphrase the oft cited quote, “Evil prevails when the good people don’t do nothing.” So I guess ignoring him isn't necessarily the best option.

3.It’s not like this assassination thing is a new idea – The U.S. tried to kill Castro on several occasions. And I've watched enough television and spy movies to know that the government kills people all the time. (And if it was on T.V. - it must be true!)

4. I wonder what Robertson would say if Chavez were an embryo instead of a grown-up? (And while we’re on the subject, please go re-read this post!)

5. I really don’t understand what the fuss is about. Robertson was not speaking as a politician with power to launch a bomb, and (as far as I can tell) he never claimed to be speaking on behalf of biblegod. He’s was talking to hear himself talk (and unfortunately someone happened to be listening).

6. Assassination usually works better when one keeps it a secret. By talking about it on national television he has foiled any possible attempt to ever actually assassinate anyone. (He needs to learn to speak in code). (Unless of course, “Let’s assassinate Chavez” is actually a code for something else –that could be exciting!

7. No one complained after that episode of The West Wing were Jeb Bartlet killed a dictator. (Yes, I know The West Wing is just pretend, but it’s the same principal and philosophy!)