Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm not excited about taking the required 1st Aid/CPR courses again (I'm kicking myself for ever allowing those certs to expire - stupid, stupid, stupid).

And I'm not excited about taking the required "How to Cook Over a Fire" training. (After three summers of camp counseloring, I probably have more experience teaching fire-circle-safety than the trainers!)

Nor am I terribly excited about spening 48 hours with [insert blood curling scream] Troop Mothers!

BUT . . .

I am excited about the private Ann Reed concert n Saturday night. (If she sings Heroes my life will be complete!)

And I am excited to use my tent again, and to wander in the woods, and to breathe tree-y air, and play in the lake.

I'm excited to be around people that argue over the correct words and motions to The Princess Pat (It is "A Rick-a-Dan-Doo;" don't believe anyone who says otherwise!)

And I'm excited to have some quality time with the GS Staff. (I need to pick some brains and ask complicated questions).

It's going to be a great weekend.