Sunday, August 21, 2005

Random Thoughts about Girl Scout Weekend

1. New CPR is much easier than the old CPR .

2. I'm glad there are extroverts in the world (yes, they talk too much, and sometimes they won't leave you alone. But, when one is in a room full of strangers, it's awfully nice to have a talkative person randomly come up to you and chat (and chat and chat and chat!)

3. Sleeping in a tent is good for you!

4. Camp Lakamaga is gosh darn nice. (Their platform tents are wicked cool! The waterfront is beautiful (although it lacks Logan's pretty swamp) and the facilities are fabulous. (I love Camp Logan but . . . Lakamaga WOW!)

5. Community is an amazingly wonderful thing. (So are chocolate, fires, songs, and meals with people!)

6. I'm not a "normal" leader (and my group is hardly your typical troop) and that's just dandy (because "normal" GS Leaders are weird!).

7. Delfi and Oasis need to open up their dream camp soon - - because I'm really missing all things camp.