Thursday, July 07, 2005

The first thought, in my barely awake state of consciousness was something like, "Ho Hum another bombing by a terrorist group - big deal"

My second thought, after I woke up a bit, was "London? LONDON??"

I ran through my List-o-London people . . . O. is in Oxford so she's probably ok, Andrew is out in Wales, or something like that. Jonathan . . . damn I never should have lost touch with Jonathan. Who knows where he is at. I tried finding him a few months ago via google and came up with nothing. I'd love to get back in contact with him (but reminiscing about Jonathan Harris is hardly an appropriate response to terrorism)

So my third thought is more along the lines of "sigh - Here we go again (still)." No deep thoughts on international policy or things - just sadness. Sadness about people that are hurt, sadness that terrorists have to resort to terrorism. Sadness that I seem to care more about bombs in London than in Iraq. And just general sadness.

And what exactly is "Extra Vigilance"?
Specifically . . . what are we supposed to notice or panic about?
And even if I were "extra vigilant" and noticed something - the department that coordinates emergency response things in Minnesota - is on a skeleton staff because the freakin' state shutdown.

Yes, I'm feeling exasperated at everything this morning.
But I'll stop
It's time to post something happy and fuzzy. (Like Teddy Bears!)