Friday, July 01, 2005


This makes me sad.
Sandra was my favorite Supreme Court justice.
(Now I have to find a new favorite).

Last year I linked to a really great article about Sandra. And because there is nothing wrong with plagerizing oneself, I'm re-quote the quote that I already used.
(J.S. Bach did it, so can I!)

Whenever a glass ceiling appeared, O'Connor either ran around it or blasted through. Women like me, who have seldom faced that kind of discrimination, have no idea of the kind of strength required to deal with it. O'Connor uses the phrase, 'I had a great time!' often today, and you know she really means it. She loved working at the DA's office, and then opening her own practice, and then being a state senator, and then a judge. She loved doing it even when she had to, because no one would give her a regular job. When 'disaster struck' and she lost her baby sitter, she just stayed at home and did volunteer work for five years. She felt, and still feels, that she was lucky. But with all the talk of fun and chance, you sense that she forgets how hard she fought to make those chances pay off.
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