Thursday, July 07, 2005

* The Teddy Bear Band presented a free concert in the park last night. I brought my 3 year old nephew thinking he'd really enjoy a kids band in the park.
W R O N G - Miller didn't like anything about the concert - except the band's equipment truck. (We stayed afterwards just to watch the tech guys load speakers into the truck, and when the drummer came over to chat with the kid, he covered his ears!)

* The "Prairie Home Companion" movie needs extras tomorrow. About 850 adults will be needed at 11 a.m. to fill the seats at the Fitzgerald Theater for key scenes in the Robert Altman movie. article

* I found another interesting job - in Indianapolis. According to mapqwest, Indy is only an hour from Greentown. According to an internet salary calculator, the cost of living in Indianapolis is greater than Des Moines, but significantly less than Minneapolis. (But all this musing is premature - per my usual MO on job applications).

*Apparently the mnorch Final Fantasy concert is canceled (although it is very difficult to find any info. on why - ggggrrrrrrrr)

* I'm really hungry. And bored. And I don't feel like working.

* Violinists have pretty fingers, and re-wired brains (but so do monkeys that play video games).