Saturday, July 16, 2005

Josh baby, you know I love you. You are amazingly cute, and not a bad player. We will always have the memory of that brief moment we shared at the Des Moines Civic Center! (And I have been dreaming about how I might “accidentally” run into you outside the SPCO buildings). But . . . our little infatuation has come to an end . . . there's a new cute violinist in my life, and frankly, I like him more than I ever liked you!

Peeka Kuusisto

Josh Baby, you’re cute and all, but I had the privilege of seeing Pekka Kuusisto perform on Friday night and again tonight. WOW! (wow!wow!wow!wow!) Pekka is my new favorite cute violinist. He engages the audience ten thousand times better than you ever have, he’s funny, and , unlike you, he is not constantly obsessed with his hair. Pekka plays so much cleaner than you too –without all that excesses ornamentation – it is absolutely beautiful! (His Bach sounded so delicate and simple – amazing!

Josh Baby, I loved the fact that you named your violin – I really thought I was the only one with a personified instrument and the fact that you named Tom made me (and Sydney) smile. But Pekka even outshines you there – tonight after his amazing unaccompanied Bach encore, Pekka took his bow, and then allowed his violin to take a bow. (I’m still researching to find out if Pekka has named his fiddle – but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that he is a kindred "namer" like us!)

Like I said, you and I will always have the Civic Center (and your Mozart CD still has a special place in my heart). But it’s time to move on. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors (unless of course you’re challenging Pekka to some sort of violin duel) and hope we can still be friends.

Julie VW

P.S. I’m never really liked your West Side Story project – but I put up with it as part of my “faithful fan” duties.

P.P.S. There’s no need to mention any of this Pekka-infatuation business to Yo-yo just yet, OK? If he's to be replaced, it's best that he hears it directly from me.