Thursday, July 21, 2005

I had dinner with my brother and his wife tonight
We ate corn dogs and homemade macaroni-n-cheese while watching Tom and Jerry and discussing the finer points of Harry Potter

Tom and Jerry is quite entertaining, and corn dogs are mighty tastey when they are made properly. We made fun of snogging, shared our Harry Potter dissapointments, analyzed the series to death, and speculated on the (yawn) future of the wizzarding world.

I won't bother you with the details of our two hour conversation (we have many problems with the last three books, and quite a few good theories for book #7) but I will share the major conclusions -

1. C.S. Lewis should have stopped before writing The Last Battle
2. Madeline L'Engle should have stopped before writing A Wind in the Door
3. Phillip Pullman should have stopped before writing the Amber Spy Glass
4. Eowin Colfer should have stopped before writing The Opal Deception
5. J.K. Rowling should have stopped before the Goblet of Fire.
Actually, none of us has read the Opal Deception yet, but we're extrapolating - it's scientific!