Sunday, July 03, 2005

So I went to church today
It was the first time in over two years

The plan was to sit in the front pew
And make faces at Don during the sermon.
But at the last minute, I decided to sit in the middle and behave
(Keep in mind, "behave" is a relative term!)

Don and his wife Chris were "grown up" friends for most of my teenagerhood (and beyond). Don seems to intrinsically understand me and is one of the people on the super-duper kidney list. He and Chris have been pastoring at a small, middle-of-nowhere, country church for about 10 years (which is a story in and of itself). And I decided to surprise them by showing up for their Sunday service this morning!

The problem with a surprise like this is that they could have been out of town, on vacation, or otherwise AWOL. But it was a chance I was willing to take (Afterall, I'm already in Chicago for Papa VW's Birthday Party - all I had to loose was a couple gallons of gasoline and a few hours sleep!)

So I woke up extra early and drove to middle Illinois.
Found the church (not difficult in a small town).
Walked in,
Shook hands with the greeters,
Ventured into the sanctuary . . .
And there he was, talking to someone in the back row.
I smiled and stood there until he looked up!
The look on Don's face = priceless!


I'll spare you a sappy narrative about how good it was to be there.
(But it was good!)

[dial up internet access is limited - more later]