Saturday, June 18, 2005

ROOM FOR ALL . . . random thoughts

1. Here's a little theological/reflection exercise. Fill in the blank "God accepts all persons regardless of ____________."
(You can post your ideas in the comments, if you'd like)

2. The Rev. Dr. Norman Kansfield has been suspended from the Reformed Church in America. ((NY Times Article)
I'm not surprised. Those Dutch Reformers are not exactly the most open and accepting bunch of people. But the optomistic side of me hoped it'd be ok. (silly Julie).

3. "Kansfield seems to be saying that God accepts all persons regardless of their continued engagement in sinful behavior," said the propaganda. (Emphasis mine, don't get me started . . . gggggrrrrrrrrrrr).

4. My favorite quote, comes from William Rupp, "[The Reformed Church in America] has also spoken against using Styrofoam cups. Ever use a Styrofoam cup? The General Synod has spoken against SUVs. I saw a few of those in the parking lot." [Full Article]

5. Did you know that Norm was a Mt. Greenwood baby? (Just like me!)

6. It is funny to listen to T.V. reports where the reporters mis-pronounce SYNOD (one chick pronounced it sigh-noid!)