Monday, June 27, 2005

I think I fixed the font problem
Except for now the color has gone strange

And, I got another rejection letter today
(If you're keeping track that's two rejection letters in the last two business days)
This means I have no outstanding resumes at the moment

So much has happened this week
There are many stories to tell
like the one about my 3 year old nephew,
and about the bicycle race,
and about the grant pannel,
and about the sunburn,
and the garden,
and my new sandals
and my denim shorts from High School.
I'm tired and feeling talkative
I could completely overwhelm you with stuff . . .

But I won't. Instead I'll go to bed.
It'll be best for us all.

Good Night, Sleep Tight
And maybe tomorrow I'll say something that's not just babbling!