Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My new boss is truly amazing
She is smart; She has a Ph.D.; She's been published and is finishing her book; She's beautiful (former Miss Indiana!); She's graceful and elegant; She is totally in love with her husband (who absolutely adores her), is articulate, well connected, drives a manual transmission, serves as an active volunteer, and she is not perfect (and her "not-perfect-ness is probably the thing that I love the most about her!)

For Example: Her car is even messier than mine; she slouches when she types; she gets impatient with people, and sometimes says things that aren't appropriate. She wastes electricity, spends too much money, sometimes her perfect clothes just don't fit right, and today I even saw her her slip her clutch (gasp!)

Having struggled with perfectionism for as long as I can remember, it's lovely seeing someone as accomplished, talented, and amazing as her be not-perfect. (Whoda thunk that a beauty queen would ocasionaly sucum to bad posture?!)