Monday, June 13, 2005

I sent out resumes for a few more jobs today, but won't bore you with details about them. Instead, I'll bore you with details about the job that I really really want and have staked all future happiness upon. I humbly offer my list of

Location, Location, Location - This job is located in a small-ish "walking friendly" town. (It would be possible to walk/bicycle to work on most days!) Rent is cheap. And there are lots of arts and cultural activities. Plus there is a fair bit of ethnic diversity (at least by Minnesota-standards!) AND . . . it is not too far from where I live now (so it'd be possible for me to not abandon my poor Girl Scouts!)

Benefits - Besides all the normal (boring) benefits, this employer has a Tuition Assistance Program; I could take classes (including violin lessons) through the local college for FREE!

$$$$$ - If a short commute, cheap housing, medical/dental insurance, and free classes weren't enough . . . this job will pay actual money! (What a concept!!!!)

The Job - The job itself is mucho-coolo. It involves some teaching, some research, some work in the Arts, and supervising a small staff of teenage-techno-computer geeks. I'd be on the cutting edge of arts education technologies working with teachers, students, and two other staff members.

There are drawbacks - I'd probably have to quit the Symphony. I'd be even further away from The Cities and probably living by myself. I'd have to invest in a fairly substantial wardrobe upgrade and dress in dressy clothes more often. And I fear my techno-geek skills are not quite enough. But . . . Fingers Remain Crossed!