Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Actually, it's all bad news.
Monday night, I missed orchestra rehearsal
At 7:15 I said to myself, "You have to leave in 5 minutes"
And then my mind blanked out

And then . . . my grant pannel (which originally promised daytime-only meetings)
Needs to meet durring next Monday's rehearsal
SO . . . [gulp]. . . No orchestra for me this summer

(Missing one rehearsal is bad enough, missing two is unaccecptable,)
Missing two rehearsals plus the concert on Papa's birthday . . .
[hangs head in shame]

On a brighter side, I'm going to take my nephew to one of the concerts
Three years old is exactly the right age for a pops concert in the park
If I were playing the concerts, I obviusly wouldn't be able to take him

And, another bright spot, the grant reviewing thing is going quite well.
It pays SO MUCH MORE than I thought.
And the experience is fabulous.
Definately worth doing

But I'm sad that orchestra always falls to the bottom of my priorities